Leonberger Klub Czech Republic

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Number of  puppies born in 2020:   101.

Number of members in 2020:   294

Club Contacts:

Chairman of the Breeding Committee: Daniela Pavlovská
Ke Hrádku 5
148 00  PRAHA 4 – Kunratice
tel/fax: 00420 2 7191 1207

A new era of the Leonberger dogs in the Czech Republic was opened by importing a breeding pair from the former East Germany in 1979. Imports continued successfully in the 80´s predominantly from East Germany, Federal Republic of Germany and France. The first litter was born in 1984.The Leonberger Club was established in 1988 by 30 breeders and became the member of CMKU (Czech-Moravian Kynologic Union) and FCI at the same time.At the time being there are about 80 breeding dogs and approx. 150 breeding females in the Club breed but, ofcourse, not all are used regularly. The breed has been managed and supervised by the Chairman of the Breeding Committee.

Every litter is inspected in 7th week of age, minimum weight of a pupy is 7 kg. All faults and deviations from the standard are carefully recorded. Only a member of the Club may receive pedigrees on the litter.Number of members registered by 1.1.2008:  776 members.

Leo dogs registered from the year 1979 to 1.1.2008: 4700.

In 2007 236 puppies were registered.

Specialized  judges for Leonbergers:
Daniela Pavlovská,  Alena Weinlichová.