Official website :

Number of members 194

Number of puppies born within the club in 2020 : 53

Club contacts:
Ivan Branders : voorzitter,
Vivian De Baene : secretariaat — 
Dirk Decorte :

History of the club

The Belgium Leonberger club was founded on the 28th of December 1977 under the presidency of Miss F. Jonet.
The purpose of the club was and still is, bringing together breeders and fanciers of Leonbergers.

Presidents of the club :
1987 : Mr. P. Ponchez
1989 : Mrs. A. Leurentop.
1994 : Mrs. D. Dewame.
2016 : Mr. Chris Aelbrecht.
2018 : Ivan Branders

The first Leonberger-litter registered in Belgium dates from 1974 (Bibahs-kennel).

8 to 10 gatherings with our members for walks in different parts of Belgium.
Once a year the International Day of the Leonberger (with CAC) (club show the first or second weekend of September).
Once a year a meeting with the breeders and stud owners.
One a year a breeding ability test for adult breeding dogs and “young-dogs-day”.
Communication : 
Leo Magazine (three-monthly magazine).