Breed Standards

The FCI (Federation Cynologique International) is an international umbrella organization of National Kennel Clubs. The standard for any breed from countries that are members of the FCI is set by the country of origin, so for the Leonberger the standard is set by Germany. A list of FCI member countries can be found on the FCI website:  Leonbergers that are shown in any member FCI member country are judged according to the FCI Standard for Leonbergers

Non-FCI member countries cannot use the FCI standard because their kennel clubs want a national breed club to be responsible for the breed standards. National Kennel clubs usually have their own requirements regarding the content of the breed standards.  When a Leonberger is shown in a non-member country, they are judged according to that countries Leonberger Standard. Of course, the non-FCI member clubs of the International Leonberger Union will always try to keep the breed standards as close as possible to the FCI standard, However, due to the requirements of the kennel clubs there may sometimes be minor differences.