Leonberger Club of Great Britain

Official Web site:

Number of puppies born in 2019 +/- 336.

Number of club members 2022: 344

Estimatd number of Leonbergers in the country: 3000

Club Contacts:
Madeleine Jephcott, Secretary  LCGB

Approximate number of living Leos in 2009: 2000-2800.

The first modern day Leonberger was imported in 1975 and the first litter born in 1981. Celia Peters, Fiona Karolus and Sonja Gorbould were the three people who introduced the breed. There had been a couple of Leonbergers in the post war era but none had been bred from. There were many early disappointments but with perseverance the breed has flourished.

The Leonberger Club of Great Britain held it’s inaugural meeting in October 1986 and was granted Kennel Club recognition on 30th November 1988.
There were 45 members present at that first meeting and today there are over 600. The number of Leonbergers has risen to over 2000 in the UK with many more thousands world wide.

In the UK Leonbergers finally came of age at Crufts 2002, when the first sets of Challenge Certificates were awarded. The first LCGB Championship Show was held on 9th June of that year. This show was the culmination of many years of hard work by many dedicated people and marked yet another milestone for the breed. The club has just held its 13th Championship show and we now have 58 UK Champions.

Honorary members of the Club are :
Sarah Sevastopulo – Mr D. Blosse – Mrs H. Davenport-Willis.
Mr N. Ewart – Mrs S Gorbould – Mrs Jenny Inwood
Helen Mathews – Ms W & Mr E Oud & Van Duin – M. Clayton & D. Douville
Mrs C Peters – Mr & Mrs L Rahmer – Lyn Raynor – Mr M Stockman